Friday, 15 April 2016

“In Dubai we don’t wait for things to happen, we make them happen”

Hello !A warm greetings to all my friends. Well to introduce myself I am a new blogger over here. I am an MBA student. From last few days I was reading some interesting and mind blowing blogs related to trips and holiday destinations. You know guys I feel very happy when I read something about road trips, holiday destinations, it’s totally all about fun, friends, family, learning’s etc. So I thought that I should also post a blog for you guys of my own DUBAI trip. As I told you I am an MBA student, so it was a trip which was organized by our college of Marketing and Management, New Delhi as foreign educational tour. Our trip was of 5 nights and 6 days. The entire trip was managed by DPauls travel agency The price starts from 35000 INR to 50000 including tickets, hotel, meal & pick and drop facility.

We saw there the tallest beauty of Dubai i.e Burj Khalifa …the roof height is around 828m which is surely the tallest. It is beautifully made and was completed in 5 years. Even Burj Khalifa is been surrounded by 27 acre of park designed by landscape architects.At night there used to be happen a fountain show which is wonderful different colorful lights and the water showers are coming from it..that thing is the heaven. Besides the Burj Khalifa there is the world’s largest mall the Dubai Mall. The main specialty of the Mall was underwater zoo and aquarium.  
Dubai Trip


Another thrilling experience is the Desert Safari and of course you can’t risk to miss it in Dubai. The drivers are professional and awesome they certainly make our hearts come out of the mouth type situation while driving, and don’t worry they will not gonna harm you !!!After taking you into that proper desert area there is tent area, where they have kept lot of arrangements for their guests like food, dance, mehndi(henna) for females, camel rides, falcon pics clicks, and of course the main part is belle dance show..Truly awesome and one can’t miss it too. The dancer is charming and well groomed..her dancing style is pretty cool . You will definitely gonna enjoy that too.

Dubai sand dune bashing

The next destination was Jumeriah Beach such a pleasant environment and sexy people on the beach. ALAS..! Before packing your bag please make sure that you carry your swimming costume so that you will be saved by the embarrassing moment where your shorts may come out. :-D

Now coming to the World’s largest Mosque the “Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque” which is located in ABU DHABI.For the first time when we saw it we thought as if we are seeing Taj Mahal. The art work in the Mosque is really fabulous & impressive. 


World Largest Mosque

From this trip I can say that it was one of my memorable trips; the beauty of Dubai was really mesmerizing and one can’t take the risk to ignore it. Well my friends at last I would like to reckon that if anyone of you is planning for a vacation outside India he can opt for Dubai as it is quite reasonable& enjoyable.


Dubai  Beach

Top View From Burj khalifa





  1. Woww...heaven is so beautiful.

    Now i will not be concerned about death

  2. Nice blog, will definitely visit dubai after reading this blog

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